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Seminar on Dissertation Writing

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биномо отзывы 2010
али на русском
олимп траде
Participants in the course will progressively master the basic methodological tools, essential to academic writing. Each student will choose a topic relevant to the EU’s external activity in a multilateral setting and write an academic dissertation.

This course has a dual objective: to familiarize students with core social science methodology and assist students in the deepening of their understanding of specific aspects of the EU international interactions. The first part will be addressed by means of discussing in groups issues of dissertation preparing and writing (collection of material, structure of dissertation, comparative and/or case-study research design); the second part entails the monitoring and coaching of students on an individual basis in their specific thematic area of dissertation writing.


Course Material

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  • Gerring, J. (2007) Case Study Research: Principles and Practices (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).
  • Hall, P. A. (2008) ‘Systematic Process Analysis: When and How To Use It’, European Political Science, vol. 7:3, pp. 304-17.
  • Hertz, R. and Imber, J. B. (1995) ‘Introduction’ in R. Hertz and J. B. Imber (eds.) Studying Elites using Qualitative Methods(London: Sage).
  • Landman, T. (2003) Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics: An Introduction. Second Edition (London: Routledge).
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  • Seawright, J. and J. Gerring (2008) ‘Case Selection Techniques in Case Study Research: A Menu of Qualitative and Quantitative Options’, Political Research Quarterly, vol. 61:2, pp.294-308.


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