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EU Negotiations in Multilateral Settings

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This intensive course analyzes the EU negotiation performance in multilateral settings.


Course Description

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The course aims to familiarize students with core concepts and tools of negotiation analysis and apply them at both the intra-EU and international levels. Issues covered comprise:

  • Negotiation structure and sequencing
  • International negotiations as ‘two-level games’
  • Formal leadership
  • The role of the Presidency in negotiations within the EU and/with other International Organizations


Course Material

  • Blavoukos, S. and D. Bourantonis (2011) Chairing Multilateral Negotiations: The Case of the United Nations, London: Routledge.
  • Blavoukos, S. and G. Pagoulatos (2008) ‘Negotiating in Stages: National Positions and the Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact’, European Journal of Political Research, vol. 47:2, pp. 247-67.
  • Blavoukos, S., D. Bourantonis, and G. Pagoulatos (2007) ‘A President for the European Union: A New Actor in Town?Journal of Common Market Studies, vol. 45: 2, 2007.
  • Blavoukos, S., D. Bourantonis, and P. Tsakonas (2006) ‘Parameters of the Chairmanship’s Effectiveness: The Case of the Security Council’, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, vol.1: 2, pp. 143-170.
  • Elgström, O., B. Bjurulf, J. Johansson, and A. Sannestedt (2001) ‘Coalitions in European Union Negotiations’,Scandinavian Political Studies, vol. 24:2, pp. 111-28.
  • Kaeding, M. and T. J. Selck (2005) ‘Mapping Out Political Europe: Coalition Patterns in EU Decision-Making’,International Political Science Review, vol. 26:3, pp. 271-90.
  • Kremenyuk, V. A. (ed.) (1991) International Negotiation: Analysis, Approaches, Issues (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass).
  • Putnam, R. (1988) ‘Diplomacy and Domestic Politics: the Logic of Two-Level Games’, International Organisation, vol.42: 3, pp. 427-460.
  • Raiffa, H. (1982) The Art and Science of Negotiation (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press).
  • Tallberg, J. (2010) ‘The Power of the Chair. Formal leadership in International Cooperation’, International Studies Quarterly, vol. 54:1.
  • Tallberg, J. (2006) Leadership and Negotiations in the European Union (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).
  • Zartmann, I. W. and M. R. Berman (1982) The Practical Negotiator (New Haven: Yale University Press).


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