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This intensive course analyzes the EU negotiation performance in multilateral settings.   Course Description The course aims to familiarize students with core concepts and tools of negotiation analysis and apply them at both the intra-EU and international levels. Issues covered comprise: Negotiation structure and sequencing International negotiations as ‘two-level games’ Formal leadership The role of […]

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Course Description The main course objective is to increase the understanding of the international presence of the EU. Emphasis is given on the bilateral and multilateral relations of the EU with countries (US, Japan, BRIC countries) and regional integration schemes (ASEAN, MERCOSUR, African Union) as well as the relationship of the EU with International Organizations […]

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The course offers valuable insights of the EU diplomatic system and a better understanding of the mechanisms, processes and practices of the EU diplomacy.   Course Description The course examines the scope, nature and impact of the EU’s evolving role as a diplomatic actor after Lisbon. It assesses internal and external aspects of EU diplomacy  […]

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The Centre supports the following Teaching Activities at the under-graduate and/or post-graduate level: EU External Relations (under-graduate) The Diplomatic System of the EU (under-graduate) EU Negotiations in Multilateral Settings (post-graduate) The EU and International Security Organizations (post-graduate) The EU as a Security Actor (post-graduate) Seminar on Dissertation Writing (under-graduate and post-graduate)

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