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Who We Are

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on “The Multilateral Diplomacy of the European Union” is an academic hub and a focal point of competence and knowledge on the EU’s multilateral diplomatic activity. It is based at the Department of International & European Economic Studies of Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB).

What We Do

The Centre has a dual objective:
(a) it stimulates academic interest in the EU’s multilateral diplomatic relations and
(b) it forges a broader common public space for informed analysis and debate on current EU foreign policy issues.
It puts European studies in a broader context by interacting with other disciplines, especially economics and law.

The Centre’s activities revolve around three axes:

1. Education: it primarily involves the systematic organization of teaching and training activities focused on the EU as an international actor. Such activities comprise seminars and lectures for under-graduate and post-graduate students; seminars and supervision of diplomatic theses on EU foreign policy; seminars open to members of the civil society; training sessions addressed to professionals, directly or indirectly dealing with EU issues.

2. Research: the Centre is engaged in in-depth academic research on EU foreign policy activities.

3. Dissemination of knowledge: the Centre has a think tank function, contributing to an informed public dialogue on EU international activities. This is done by means of organization of roundtables and other events pertaining to the EU’s diplomatic multilateral activity


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